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Happy New Year!

A big thank you to everyone who has participated and who contribute on the Facebook group page <3

I have added a few more pictures to the media page, thanks, Gary!

Gary’s Memorabilia

If anyone wants to add anything please contact me…even if it just adding to the transcriptions part of the website.  Especially if you can translate articles as I know fans would love to know what was written. 🙂 They need to be a document format so I can insert them into the website.

Things will be quiet for a while as I hope to be moving in the next couple of months.

Keep Nikking

Kriss 🙂


Gary’s Videos, cuttings and selling items

I have now moved all of Gary’s video’s over to the Media Gallery… there are even a few I missed when I originally uploaded them… oops…  all new uploads can be found here… there are 3 pages of them! 🙂

Recent uploads

I am also thinking about putting up something so that people can sell items on here.  I was thinking something like a forum style.  People could then easily find the items rather than putting them in the group and losing the post 🙂  Unfortunately I don’t think there are auction sites for personal websites but I will have a look into it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Kriss 🙂



E-cards in the media section

With a lot of help from Stefanie Schmid 🙂 thank you! I have added a plugin where you can send e-cards to friends… or enemies if you prefer 😛 .  Here is how to do it…

Go to the media gallery

Find a picture you want to send and click on it

Underneath the picture you will see a link to click

Click on it and then fill in the all the boxes and click send

Hope you enjoy it!

Kriss 🙂