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New design for site and media gallery

I managed to find a designer who did designs for both WordPress and Coppermine.  Now the 2 parts don’t look so different.  There are some differences but I hope you don’t notice them that badly 🙂

It is now late 23.00! so I am going to bed.  There may be tweaks I need to do tomorrow.  If you do find anything that is not working correctly let me know and I will see to it tomorrow.

Hope you guys like it!

Kriss 🙂


New design in the Media part of the site

I have completely changed how the media section looks… it now looks like the website rather than completely different.

Don’t forget you can rate the pictures in there… just as a bit of fun… the ratings can be found under each individual picture.

I have added a guestbook as well this can be found in the menu… please feel free to leave a comment.

I have added descriptions to the albums as well so you can see why I grouped some together or what they were.

Have enjoyed redoing it hope you enjoy looking at it.

I shall be adding in tags as well… but that might take a while to work out… 🙂

Now off for a well-earned cup of tea!

Kriss 🙂