Design change, Feztival in Bagshot

So as you can see we have had a little design change  🙂 I know I am terrible!  As the menu on this site is important thought it really needed to be up the top!  Hope it does make it easier to navigate yourself around.

So went to see Nik at Ole Skool Feztival in Bagshot… it was very last minute but as it was just up the road thought why not… and dad being lovely paid for me to go VIP so I could sit down and enjoy it!

It was the first for the organisers so there were a few hiccups BUT speaking to people who attended they loved it as it was quiet and no need for being squashed against barriers the kids had a great time dancing to the music with adults.  Yes it did rain so get rather damp that was ok… and as Nik said it was my fault for coming out of the VIP tent! 😛

Nik did a full hour at least I was trying to remember all the songs… one I don’t know what it was.. it wasn’t one of his… at least I don’t think it was… 🙂

Radio Musicola

Wide Boy

When a Heart Beats

Ashes to Ashes



Sky’s the Limit

Don Quixote (a song about a donkey!)

Dancing Girls

The One and Only

And I think a few more but can’t remember!  and the first 2 songs are here… sound not that good as I was FB live at the time so is pretty good as I was stood in the middle of a field… 🙂

Kriss 🙂



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