New Design, Donations

As you can see I have changed the design once again!  With the new privacy policy coming in I had to add a separate page and I couldn’t add it to the old theme!  Also with the old theme there was not much I could change.

I did also only get it so that the Coppermine software had the same theme and didn’t look odd…well I bit the bullet and designed the theme for Coppermine myself based on the theme of the main website.  It has taken a while to do but it is nearly finished so I have decided to change over now and do tweaks as I go.

You will find things change on there including things being added to menus etc… the main menu is all working it is the top menu you will see change as I sort out all the social links etc.

You will also see a donation link in the right sidebar…as most of you know I can’t work so any little donation will help towards paying for the domain name and hosting of this website…please do not feel obliged to donate anything but every little helps 🙂

Hope you are all having a great week!

Kriss 🙂

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