Mickey has very kindly agreed to partake in a Q&A for the fans.

For those who are new to the fandom Mickey was Nik’s manager from the start until the early 2000’s and has some great stories.  Including this one….

They were on tour in America and the boys decided to have a little drink… Mickey had to ‘escort’ Nik back to his room… Nik flopped down onto the bed, bounced off and landed on the floor… and that is where he stayed for the rest of the night!

How it will all happen:

Either post a question on here or the FB group under this post.

Questions have to be polite and family orientated.

I will then send the questions to Mickey who will choose which questions he wishes to answer.

I will then post the answers on the website.

The close off date is Sunday 15th October 18.00 GMT.

Have fun guys!

Kriss 🙂

This post is now closed for comments… thank you for your questions 🙂

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